If You've Never Hired a Top-Notch Accountant, Your Business Is Leaking Cash Day and Night

Stop wasting money on "DIY" accounting. We use an experience based system to help you change your business to a profit first mind set. Helping you take control of your finances, budgeting, controls and cash flow.

Do You Know the #1 Most Efficient Way to Make More Money for Construction Businesses?

The Profit First formula is a system in which business owners take the majority of their profits from each sale as opposed to deducting expenses. This flips how they think about accounting and budgets, putting more money back into your pocket with every transaction!

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Generating consistent profits is not an art…It’s a science.

The Profit first mindset works.

It takes many of the variables out of the budgeting process. Gone are the days of just hoping you deliver positive cash flow.

In Profit First, you take your profit out of the cash deposits before expenses rather than paying yourself with what’s leftover.

The system involves transferring predetermined percentages of your money into various bank accounts to cover profits and taxes as well as operating costs for both business owners or employees depending on their choice at setup time - this way no one gets stuck paying more than they should!

You can also adjust Target Allocation Percentages (TAPS) if necessary so that every penny goes where it's needed most.

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